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Weight Loss - the other white meat!


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Atkins? Who is (was) this Atkins, and what's his diet?

I have to tell ya.  If you are overweight, and you've been trying to lose weight. . . and it's just just not happening for you. . . you OWE it to yourself to check out the Adkin's Weight Loss book.

Now, I know you've probably heard some pros and some cons about this plan, and every tabloid and tv show that's had 30 seconds of air time (including 60 minutes) has had *something* to say about the Adkins Diet -- and much of what they've had to say has been unrelated to reality.  It's just been something to make people tune in, and then they say NOTHING ! and leave you hanging still.

So, here's MY suggestion. READ THE BOOK!

This little book is JAM PACKED with the why's and the where fore's that this NUTRITIONAL PLAN (not diet) works, and the circumstances under which it WON'T work.   More importantly, it will tell you exactly why the other plans you were on didn't work for you.  But, YOU have to read the book for yourself, and make your own evaluation and decision -- don't listen to your friends or your neighbors unless they have read the WHOLE book -- not just a couple of chapters -- and did WHAT THE BOOK SAYS!

Because, I am hear to tell you, friends . . . if you do what the book says, *just like* the book says do it. . . you'll lose weight. I lost 23 pounds in under 30 days -- I was NOT hungry... at all. And there's nothing hokey about this plan.  Read it. FIRST. For under $6.00... how can you go wrong? And if it doesn't make sense to you, dont' do it. But after you read the book, it will make PERFECT sense to you, and you'll see all the negative hype in the media is just...well... something to sell papers and magazines.

Do your own research; read the book FIRST, and don't start anything until AFTER you've read the book . . . and you'll win.

And, check out their web site (http://www.atkins.com) for the latest information, a free newsletter and comparisons to other plans.  Unlike some others, you won't have to pay for "membership", either.

So, that's my story.  You make your own.

Have an awesome day.









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